Upgrade Your Home With Entry Doors Margate FL

Entry doors Margate FL

Whether you live in an area susceptible to hurricanes or simply want to upgrade your home, you can find entry doors Margate FL that will protect your property and enhance the beauty of your space. These premium doors are tested and approved for High Velocity Hurricane Zones to stand up to severe weather conditions.

Impact-Rated Entry Doors

Designed for security and engineered for strength, impact-rated doors are essential for homes in high-velocity hurricane zones. These durable models resist damage from flying debris during severe weather events and meet Florida’s insurance requirements.

They look just like regular doors and patio doors but come with a unique fiberglass design and construction that can withstand powerful winds. To achieve this certification, the manufacturer must subject them to missile impact, structural loading, forced air infiltration and water infiltration tests.

Energy efficiency is another benefit of these entry doors. They feature advanced insulation and thermal barriers to help keep your home cool in the heat of South Florida.

Boost your home’s curb appeal and increase its market value with the timeless elegance of impact front doors. Choose from a variety of customizable designs, finishes and sizes to create the perfect combination of beauty and strength. Our impact door glass options complement any style. Try the lattice pattern of Micro-Granite for an elegant yet textured appearance or the sweeping floral patterns of Impression to add a classic touch to your entryway.

Hurricane-Rated Entry Doors

When hurricanes wreak havoc on South Florida homes, impact-rated doors are a necessity. They look like regular doors, but feature a unique fiberglass design and construction that can resist debris from high winds during a storm. They’re a great choice for homeowners in the state of Florida, which has some of the strictest building codes and requirements for impact-rated doors.

Designed for Security, Engineered for Strength

In addition to providing protection during hurricane season, impact doors in Margate FL protect your home from intruders and break-ins. This is because these doors have undergone a series of tests to ensure that they meet the stringent requirements for use in Florida’s High Velocity Hurricane Zones. This provides you with peace of mind during the hurricane season, and year-round. ODL severe weather door glass is also available in an aluminum frame that meets Florida’s insurance requirements for homes located in high-velocity hurricane zones. Its flat profile and low 3/8″ frame suit the style of a variety of architectural designs.

Rustic Collection Entry Doors

Designed for homes with uncompromising style, the Classic Craft Rustic Collection combines artistry and craftsmanship to deliver a one-of-a-kind entryway experience. Therma-Tru’s exclusive AccuGrain technology brings wood species like mahogany, walnut and more to life, with authentic details you can feel and see. These fiberglass entry doors combine the beauty and curb appeal of solid-panel doors with the lasting durability, protection and energy efficiency of premium fiberglass. Plus, they meet Florida’s stringent requirements for High-Velocity Hurricane Zones.

These entry doors are backed by the industry’s strongest warranties, so you can enjoy peace of mind and confidence in your investment.* Therma-Tru’s warranty covers both the door and all associated components, including hardware and hinges. This is the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, which can be transferred to a new owner should you ever sell your home.

Custom Entry Doors

From the outside, your entry doors need to be able to stand up to Florida’s harsh climate while also complimenting your home’s aesthetic. The right doors not only provide a welcome entrance, but they can boost your curb appeal and help you lower your energy costs. Custom entry doors are available in a variety of woods, finishes and styles that offer show-stopping visual impact or sophisticated elegance. Options include sidelights, transoms, glass textures, caming options and more to create a one-of-a-kind door that’s as inviting as it is secure. These doors are also hurricane-rated and can be made with a range of energy efficient features.