Door Styles for Homes in Margate FL

Door styles Margate FL

Margate is a fun and friendly city with plenty to do. Families will enjoy the restaurants and parks, while singles will love its nightlife scene.

Aluminum windows are durable and affordable, making them a popular choice for homeowners in Florida. Fiberglass windows are also popular, offering the best of both worlds-beauty and performance. They are an excellent choice for high-velocity hurricane zones.


Craftsman-style homes favor simplicity and functionality over elaborate details. They pair well with front doors that prioritize form and function, like a genuine wood 9-lite design or one that includes wooden muntins and a dentil shelf.

For the interior, a Masonite Lincoln Park interior molded door with Shaker-style panels complements Craftsman style homes. It is available as a hollow core or solid-core door.


Farmhouse homes incorporate wood elements for a rustic, cozy aesthetic. Their simple exterior doors allow natural light to shine through and highlight your home’s unique design.

Find a home interior designer or decorator that understands your style. Narrow your search in the Professionals section to find Margate interior design companies that fit your needs. Then, visit their portfolios to see examples of their work.


Ranch-style homes are a popular choice for many buyers. These single-story houses are more spacious due to their lack of staircases, and the open layout provides a modern look. They also have a variety of benefits, including a lower maintenance cost and easier evacuation in case of an emergency.

New roof and impact windows & doors. Huge backyard with plenty of room to entertain and enjoy mango trees.


Industrial doors offer a number of advantages. They improve security and reduce energy costs while enhancing aesthetics. These doors are a great choice for businesses in Margate FL.

Window replacement companies in Margate Florida understand the unique needs of South Florida homes. They can help homeowners choose the best window type for their home, offering beauty and performance. For example, composite windows combine wood interiors with exteriors of aluminum or vinyl.


Bring a touch of Europe to your home with Mediterranean style doors. These doors are bold colored and typically have a barrel tile roof that helps keep homes cool in warmer weather.

Mediterranean-style houses often feature terracotta roofs, stucco walls, arched entrances, and wrought iron accents. They also emphasize indoor-outdoor living with decorative courtyards and gardens. These homes are sure to impress!


Colonial-style homes are some of the oldest architectural styles in the US. They have a timeless, classic look that never goes out of style.

Sliding windows are ideal for rooms that need wider views. Awning windows open outward for ventilation and are a great option for homes in Margate that want to achieve a rustic aesthetic. Composite windows offer the best of both worlds, with wood interiors for beauty and a durable exterior material like vinyl or aluminum.


Vinyl windows are a popular choice for Margate FL homeowners because they are inexpensive and have good energy efficiency. They also offer a classic look that is not easily dated. If you are looking for a middle ground option, consider composite windows that have a wood interior and an exterior made of durable materials like aluminum or vinyl. You can find these at many home improvement stores in the area.


Today’s wood windows have evolved to incorporate new technologies that boost energy efficiency, making them a wise choice for Margate homeowners. They offer natural beauty and a classic look, although they require more maintenance than other types.

A middle-ground option is composite, which has a wooden interior for beauty and an exterior of durable material like vinyl or aluminum. This allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds.


Modern composite doors are a popular choice for homeowners seeking to add a contemporary touch to their home. They are durable and have an attractive appearance. They are also a great option for homeowners who want to reduce their heating and cooling costs.

Impact-rated doors look similar to regular doors but are specially designed to resist damage from flying debris during a hurricane or other natural disaster. They are a good option for Margate residents who need to increase their property’s protection without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.