Choosing the Right Style For Your Custom Windows

Custom windows Margate FL

Windows play a critical role in your Margate home’s beauty, function and feel. With so many options available, it’s important to choose the right style for your home.

Choose a window company that offers the types of windows you want. Look for options that have a long-lasting warranty and energy-saving features.


There are plenty of options available for your custom window installation in Margate. You can choose between different frame materials, grille designs, and hardware styles. You can also customize interior and exterior colors.

Some window types come with specific energy-saving features. For instance, argon gas-filled windows reduce thermal transfer. Triple-pane windows offer even more insulation.


Add a timeless look to your home with black farmhouse windows. These black double-hung windows let you open both sashes and allow air to circulate.

Some window replacement options include thermal insulation enhancements that make them a smart choice for homes in Margate, FL. These features reduce heat transfer and save energy costs.

Farmhouse design spans traditional to contemporary, with many variations that help you express your style. Choose from a variety of colors and materials to create a space that’s uniquely you.


Whether you’re looking to communicate core business messages or attract new customers, high-quality window graphics and displays are essential. The right company can create graphics and displays that reflect your brand and complement your Margate, FL, business décor.

Aluminum windows are strong, durable, and low maintenance. They’re also ideal for large, expansive window layouts. Aluminum windows also offer excellent impact resistance, making them a smart choice in hurricane-prone areas like Margate, Florida.

Double-pane windows with argon gas between the glass provide substantial energy efficiency improvements. They are also an affordable option if you’re renovating an older home.


The style of your windows will impact the look and feel of your home. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, including classic designs and modern layouts.

Tempered glass is up to four times stronger than regular glass, reducing break-ins and burglaries. It also holds together if shattered, making it safer for children and pets.

Composite or clad windows have wood interiors for beauty and exteriors made of durable materials like aluminum or vinyl. They are a good choice for homeowners who want to balance aesthetics and efficiency.


The style of your window replacement will dramatically impact the look and functionality of your home. Whether you’re building a new house in Margate or upgrading an older layout, the right windows will help you achieve a unique aesthetic.

JELD-WEN offers a wide variety of frame materials and designs to complement any design style. Wood clad frames provide color versatility and durability, while composite blends structural fibers with polymer plastics for a middle-ground option. And argon gas-filled windows minimize heat transfer and lower energy bills.

Hurricane Impact

Designed to resist shattering and penetration, impact windows help keep homes and businesses safe during severe storms. Their unbreakable glass keeps out debris and water, while the insulating frames help reduce energy bills. They also provide UV protection to reduce damaging sunlight. They can help lower home insurance rates and increase resale value.

Window installation experts can help you pick the right style for your home. They can also provide you with an estimate of costs and timeframes.


Steel windows offer a modern look and incredible durability. They can withstand high levels of moisture and are a smart choice for coastal areas in Margate.

Some double pane windows are designed to be more energy efficient, with argon gas between the glass and low-e coating on the glass. These features can reduce your energy costs significantly. For an added level of security, some windows come with reinforced locks to thwart break-ins. This is a popular feature for homeowners who prioritize home safety and security.


Acrylic windows, made of plexiglass, are a great alternative to glass. They are stronger and more resilient, making them a safer choice for homes with children or pets. They also have improved insulating properties and allow more light to enter the home.

Clad windows offer a middle-ground option between wood and vinyl. They are attractive and durable, providing a sleek look. Reinforced locks make them a wise choice for homeowners who prioritize security. This window type is also energy-efficient and resistant to smoke and weather damage.