Door Styles in Margate FL

Door styles Margate FL

Door style can dramatically impact your home’s aesthetic and functionality. From exterior doors to interior ones, each type offers unique advantages.

Laminated glass windows, also known as impact windows, offer superior strength and security. They are ideal for high-velocity hurricane zones like in Florida.

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The Craftsman style is characterized by its sturdy construction and attention to detail. It is well-suited for bungalows in Margate, FL, and other homes with a cozy, artisanal feel. It often features grille patterns on the window, adding a distinctive look to your home.

Choosing the right materials is essential for energy efficiency and durability. Different materials offer unique advantages, so it is important to know what each one offers before making a final decision.

Vinyl windows are affordable and easy to maintain, while wood windows provide natural beauty and classic style. Composite windows offer a middle ground between these two options, offering the beauty of wood and the durability of aluminum or vinyl. This makes them an ideal choice for homeowners in Margate, Florida, who want a blend of performance and cost-efficiency.


Coastal Vibes

Given Margate’s proximity to the Atlantic, it’s not uncommon to see homes with rustic or cottage-inspired architecture. If you’re seeking a door that complements the breezy coastal vibe of these houses, opt for a wood door with a distressed finish or barn door-style hardware.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient doors can help you save on your monthly energy costs. They’re often made of materials that reduce heat transfer and offer a higher level of insulation, making them the smart choice for Florida homeowners.

Energy-efficient doors also provide protection from harsh weather conditions, such as hurricanes and tropical storms. They can protect your home and your family from damage while helping you avoid costly repairs. In addition, they can increase your home’s resale value when it comes time to sell.


Choosing the right material and design for your home’s doors can dramatically impact their aesthetic, security, and energy efficiency. Choose doors made of solid wood or metal to create a sturdy barrier against forced entry. Reinforced frames and deadbolt locks can further fortify your home’s security.

Wooden doors offer a natural aesthetic that complements a variety of architectural styles in Margate. They also provide good insulation to regulate indoor temperatures and reduce energy bills.

Farmhouse windows are simple and functional, offering a cozy, artisanal vibe that suits bungalows and craftsman homes. Awning windows are hinged on the top and open outward, allowing you to enjoy a view while still providing ventilation. They’re a popular choice for colonial revival homes in Margate. They’re easy to operate, making them an excellent option for older residents.


Choosing a new door replacement is not only an aesthetic enhancement for your Margate home; it can also increase energy efficiency and enhance security. With proper installation by a professional, energy efficient doors can lower your utility bills and help deter intruders from entering your home.

Double hung windows resemble single sash models, but allow both the top and bottom to open for ventilation and are easier to clean. Awning windows hinge from one side and tilt upwards to let in fresh air on a rainy day without soaking your interior.

Garden windows create a space for plants that can be enjoyed from inside your home. Hopper windows are great for basements, and jalousie windows consist of parallel slats that open like a set of blinds for airflow.


As the name suggests, ranch-style homes are single story and feature a horizontal rather than vertical profile. Their wide floor plan creates a seamless flow between living spaces and provides an easy environment for entertaining, family gatherings and everyday living.

These homes are popular in the United States and represent a special way of life. They are often built on large lots and have a low-pitched roofline. Their simplicity also makes them easier to maintain.

Some varieties of ranch-style house include split level and raised ranch homes, which appear as traditional ranch houses from the front but are actually three stories high, with half staircases leading up or down. Others may be more ornamental, such as the storybook ranch with decorative trim and diamond-shaped windows, or a California ranch with brick or stone exteriors and a steeper gable roof.