Window Styles in Margate FL

The style of your windows can add to your home’s appearance, comfort and energy efficiency. There are many different types to choose from, including double-pane, triple-pane, awning, sliding and picture windows.

Laminated glass windows are a smart option for homes in High Velocity Hurricane Zones, as they hold together when shattered and are good deterrents against break-ins. You can also opt for argon gas-filled windows for a more energy efficient choice.


Designed with wooden frames and grilles, traditional windows fit well in colonial-style homes and provide a timeless elegance. They are available in double-hung and casement styles, offering both beauty and functionality.

Sliding windows glide horizontally, making them great for rooms that require wider views. They also offer easy operation, making them ideal for Margate homeowners who are looking for a window that fits their lifestyle.

Some windows come with enhanced security features like reinforced locks that are more difficult to break into. These are especially beneficial for homeowners in Margate who prioritize home security. Other security features include tempered glass, which is up to four times stronger than regular glass and offers added resistance against intruders.


Window replacement is an important investment in the beauty and function of your home. Your window installation company will help you choose styles that perfectly complement your space and lifestyle.

Craftsman windows accentuate the warm wood tones and craftsmanship that define craftsman bungalow architecture. They are available in double-hung or casement styles with vertical grilles that emphasize tall proportions.

Awning windows open outward, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space even during sudden rainstorms. Picture windows don’t open but offer unobstructed views and ample sunlight. Composite windows combine the beauty of wood with the durability of vinyl or aluminum. They are popular for homeowners who want a balance of performance and affordability in Margate.


Farmhouse window styles create a comfortable, sophisticated aesthetic you’ll love for decades. Black windows, for example, provide a striking contrast with traditional farmhouse home siding and create a timeless beauty that’s always in style.

For black interior double hung windows, avoid grid patterns and go for simple, clean frames that showcase the natural beauty of your wood. White or light natural wood clad frames also work well with farmhouse design.

Aluminum and vinyl windows are energy-efficient options that deliver beauty, durability, and performance. They’re great for Margate homeowners who want to keep costs low. Wood windows offer classic beauty and superior insulation, but require more maintenance.


Modern homes often feature sleek profiles and large expanses of glass. They also tend to incorporate innovative materials that improve energy efficiency and durability.

Sliding windows offer a wide opening and are easy to operate, making them a popular choice for contemporary homes in Margate, Florida. Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward, providing excellent ventilation even during a light rainstorm.

Clad windows offer a middle-ground option that offers the beauty of wood and the durability of aluminum or vinyl. They’re ideal for modern homes that need a durable replacement window for a storm-prone area. Laminated glass is another option that provides added security by holding together when shattered, reducing the chances of break-ins.

Triple Casement

Unlike double-hung windows, which open by sliding along their frames, casement windows open outwards through hinges on the side. These window styles allow for excellent ventilation and can last up to 30 years.

Moreover, they offer more security than traditional windows, as only the handle can be opened by a thief. This makes them a good choice for homes in high-risk burglary areas.

Triple casement windows look gorgeous above sinks and in large living spaces, bringing elegance and grandeur to the room. They feature three sashes that provide panoramic views while also opening and closing with ease. They are also a perfect fit for window seats.


With the proper window insulation, single-hung windows offer energy-efficient benefits for your home. They help you save on energy costs in Margate while enhancing the comfort of your residence.

These windows are a great fit for homes that lean towards a traditional or historic aesthetic. You can also find them in craftsman and bungalow homes that seek a cozy, artisanal feel.

Their straightforward design makes them easy to maintain and operate. They have one movable sash, which slides vertically to open the window for ventilation. This window style is available in wood, fiberglass and vinyl. Its sturdy construction and secure locking mechanisms provide robust security for your home.