The Importance of Entry Doors in Margate FL

Margate FL is a gateway to suburban splendor, boasting a small-town feel and big city amenities. From parks to the beach, this Broward County town is a place where you can make lasting memories with family and friends.

Frank and Nicole Torres replaced their front door to better prepare for hurricane season. But the new door has landed them in trouble with their condo association.


In Florida, where hurricanes and other severe weather wreak havoc, impact doors are more than just a luxury. They’re essential for protecting your home from damage and ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones.

Impact-rated front and patio doors look like regular models, but they are designed to resist flying debris that comes from the force of a storm’s winds. They’re made with two layers of glass separated by a layer of plastic. This protects the interior of your home from shattering glass and splinters, while maintaining its visibility.

When choosing a company to install impact doors in your home, you should make sure they are qualified and certified by a nationally recognized testing agency such as Intertek. They should also receive ongoing training to keep up with new products and technology. Lastly, they should be knowledgeable about South Florida’s unique climate and architectural styles. Their team should be able to help you select and design the perfect door for your home’s needs.

High-Velocity Hurricane Zones

In the wake of the destruction that Hurricane Andrew brought to Florida in 1992, building codes and standards became more rigorous. A particular section of the Florida building code called the HVHZ, or High Velocity Hurricane Zone, outlines special requirements for certain counties and regions of the state that are most prone to severe weather.

Counties in the HVHZ require products used in homes to be laboratory-tested for resistance against structural wind loads and manufactured according to a stringent quality assurance program that is third-party approved. Products that are HVHZ-approved have passed these tests and will not only protect your home in the event of a storm, but will also be eligible for lower insurance premiums.

Entry doors Margate FL that are HVHZ-approved look exactly like regular doors, but have been through a rigorous series of tests to ensure they can withstand the rigors of hurricane season. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for impact-rated doors that will help you protect your home from severe weather conditions.


From compromising your home security to increasing cooling costs, an improperly installed or damaged door can have many negative effects. A reputable local door dealer will help you select and design exterior and interior doors that are tough against weather, stylish and comfortable for your room.

Located in the heart of one of Florida’s most populous counties, Broward County, Margate is a vibrant city that attracts residents from all walks of life. It is also a highly desirable place to live because of its proximity to the beach and the beautiful waters that pound the coast. Despite the natural beauty of the area, severe weather can cause significant damage. For homeowners in this region, it is crucial to choose impact windows and doors for their homes. That’s why it is important to work with a reputable window and door manufacturer that offers energy efficient options. A locally-owned company will have a keen understanding of the unique weather conditions in the region and offer doors that are designed to meet your aesthetic and performance needs.


The door you choose for your home has a direct impact on the appearance and function of every room. Exterior doors need to withstand harsh weather and fit into your home’s architectural style; interior doors must blend seamlessly, enhance functionality, and make it easy to get around. It’s crucial to find a door dealer and installer that understands South Florida’s climate, architectural styles, and aesthetics and offers custom options to match your unique vision. Frank and Nicole Torres of Viewpointe of Margate did just that when they replaced their front door with a door that opens outward. That move, however, ended up putting them in violation of their condo association’s rules and costing them more money than they anticipated. 7 Investigates’ Kevin Ozebek reports.

From show-stopping awe to sophisticated elegance, custom doors offer a host of possibilities to create one-of-a-kind entrances that are just as welcoming as they are secure.