Patio Doors in Margate FL

Patio doors make homes feel more open, offer more natural light and improve energy efficiency. They also help withstand Florida’s weather and provide security.

Impact-rated patio doors protect homes in southern Florida from the annual hurricane season and reduce damage caused by high-velocity winds and debris. They look just like conventional doors but are designed to withstand blunt force.

Sliding windows

Sliding windows glide horizontally to give rooms a spacious feel and offer unobstructed views. They are ideal for Florida homes and can be combined with casement or awning windows to create a wall of glass that will let you stay dry during sudden rainstorms. JELD-WEN sliding windows come in different frame and glass styles that match various architectural home designs. They also adhere to southern Florida’s building standards regarding hurricane resistance, saltwater exposure and ultra-violet radiation.

Impact windows protect your home from destructive hurricane winds and other extreme weather conditions. They reduce outside noises, safeguard belongings from harmful UV rays and can help you save on energy bills. Their laminated glass also breaks into granular chunks instead of sharp shards, deterring burglars and protecting your family’s safety.

The window replacement specialists at Patio doors Margate FL install impact windows in accordance with your home’s design and local building codes. Their experienced team understands the climate and architectural styles of your community, so they can recommend the best products and installation options for your project.

Casement windows

Unlike sliding windows, casement windows swing open on a hinge to allow air to circulate. They provide a panoramic view and brighten rooms, making them feel larger.

Available with a variety of style options, casement windows can also improve your home’s energy efficiency by sealing tightly when closed. They’re often equipped with argon and low-e glass, which prevent heat transfer and inhibit drafts.

Double-pane casement windows are another great option for homeowners looking to improve their home’s ventilation and energy efficiency. These windows are made up of two window panes sandwiched together with a space in between that can be filled with argon or krypton, which further reduces drafts and helps your home retain its heat during our warm Florida summers.

Awning windows

Awning windows hinge at the top and open outward, letting in fresh air and even protecting against light rain. They’re perfect on their own or as a complement to fixed or picture windows, blending functionality and style for a home that feels brighter and more spacious.

Their energy efficiency is enhanced by Low-Emissivity glass, which minimizes infrared and ultraviolet radiation without sacrificing the amount of natural light that fills rooms. As a result, these windows can help to reduce cooling costs and protect furnishings from fading.

In addition to their energy efficiency, these windows can also increase privacy and sound control in rooms. They’re available in a wide range of sizes and finishes to suit various architectural styles. They can also meet Southern Florida’s building requirements for wind resistance and saltwater exposure. This makes them a great choice for coastal homes.

Picture windows

With an expansive view of your backyard, a picture window is a great way to frame and highlight the beauty of your property. This type of non-operable window allows natural light into your living spaces, making rooms feel larger and brighter. In addition, it can also increase privacy and security by reducing outside noises that may disturb you or your family.

These windows come in a variety of glass and frame styles that can complement any architectural design, from contemporary to traditional. Some models can even adhere to the standards for High Velocity Hurricane Zones (HVHZ).

Since picture windows don’t have moving sashes, they are more secure than window types that open. This may help reduce the risk of burglary or home invasion. In addition, they can provide increased energy efficiency when paired with insulated sashes or glass panels that are infused with argon and krypton gases. This is especially true for Soft-Lite picture windows, which are a JELD-WEN specialty brand.