Choosing Window Styles in Margate FL

Window styles Margate FL

Windows are essential to the look and feel of a home. Whether you are building a new home or replacing old windows, you need expert advice and guidance to choose the right window style.

Energy-efficient windows save homeowners on electricity bills and reduce indirect greenhouse gas emissions. They also block harmful UV rays that cause furniture, fabrics and carpet to fade over time.


For a modern look, you can choose clad windows that combine wood interiors for beauty with aluminum or vinyl exteriors for durability. They can also reduce outside noise, increase energy efficiency and protect homes from storms and intruders.

Double hung windows open from both the top and bottom and tilt for easy cleaning. You can also add decorative grille patterns to give them a more classic appearance.

Energy efficient windows minimize heat transfer and help you save on cooling costs while blocking harmful UV rays that damage interior furnishings and skin. You can also find impact-rated windows for added protection in high-velocity hurricane zones.


Window styles vary by material, allowing Margate homeowners to match their home’s aesthetics with a style that fits. Choosing the right material will affect efficiency, durability, and appearance.

Contemporary windows often have sleek lines and large glass areas. They also offer options like laminated safety glass, which holds together when shattered and can help deter break-ins.

These windows are ideal for converted industrial spaces or modern homes in Margate. They have a minimalist design, combining clean lines with a touch of whimsy. Their aluminum or vinyl cladding provides low-maintenance durability, perfect for Florida’s humid climate.


Window styles vary greatly, offering a wide range of design and functionality options to suit your preferences. Double-hung windows, for example, come with sashes that open in both directions to improve ventilation. This is ideal for rooms that are frequently used, such as dining or living areas.

These windows fit well with bungalow and craftsman style homes and can be upgraded with features like low-e glass to improve energy efficiency. They’re also easy to clean, and the top sash can be opened while leaving the bottom closed for safety around children and pets.

Bay & Bow

Bay and bow windows elevate the look of your home while adding a sophisticated touch. Both window styles angle outward, creating a wide ledge that can be used as a seat or a spot for plants and decorations.

Bay windows, typically made of a large picture window flanked by two operable windows, add a sense of visual and physical spaciousness. Bow windows, on the other hand, offer a more subtle curve with four to six equal-sized window panes.

The right window installers can help you select the best options for your home, including a window style that seamlessly balances function and aesthetics. Choose a local company with years, ideally decades, of experience in the area to ensure a flawless installation.


If you want to let in the most natural light and fresh air, then casement windows are a great choice. They swing out from hinges with a simple crank or handle, providing wider openings than single or double hung windows.

These windows are easy to clean and provide a unobstructed view of the outdoors. They also allow for enhanced ventilation and can fit into many home architecture styles. For added efficiency, choose a window with Low-E glass to reduce infrared and ultraviolet radiation while keeping your energy bills down.


Aside from boosting home energy efficiency, impact-rated windows are a smart choice for homes in high-velocity hurricane zones. They prevent shattered glass from penetrating the interiors and offer added security against burglary.

Some window styles, such as double-hung windows, are also designed with specific thermal insulation enhancements. They’re well-suited for bungalow and craftsman homes that seek a cozy aesthetic.

Choosing a reputable local company is essential for ensuring a stress-free window installation project. Look for a professional with years, or even decades, of experience handling a wide variety of projects.

Storm Windows

The right window styles make an impact on your home’s look, comfort and energy efficiency. Professional window installation companies help homeowners select options that complement their personal tastes, house design and budget.

Some Margate window replacement options come with specific thermal insulation enhancements. For example, double-hung windows reduce heat transfer to lower cooling bills and improve ventilation.

These classic windows feature two sashes that slide vertically, perfect for craftsman and bungalow homes with a cozy, artisanal aesthetic. They’re also easy to clean and provide excellent ventilation. If you’re considering this option, be sure to line up the meeting rails with those on the main sashes.